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Jordaan Dried Fruit are bulk suppliers of dried fruit sweets in South Africa. Wholesale dried fruit sweets are sold in minimum quantities of 100kg per order and transported by courier to major centres across the country. Wholesale dried fruit sweets are sold directly from the farm to merchants and individuals in South Africa. Jordaan Dried Fruit has a processing and packaging capacity of 3 tons dried fruit per week. Read more about our manufacturing of dried fruit sweets.


Wholesale supplier of dried fruit products | Minimum 100kg per order


Jordaan Dried Fruit produces a range of dried fruit products that include brokkies, cubes, lollies, nummies, flakes, rainbow rounds, mini rolls, fruit rolls and fruit strips. These products are made from hand-picked fruit which is minced and shaped in various forms. We also produce Chocnuts by hand made from milk chocolate and peanuts; Mebos which is made from dried apricots, sugar and salt; MultiMix containing nuts, raisins, fruit pieces and small cubes; and Mixed Fruit consisting of dried peaches, pears, prunes, apricots, nectarines and apple rings. Read more about our products, prices and delivery.


Polybag packaging

Mebos round, wrapped

500g packets

Rainbow rounds, wrapped


Jordaan Dried Fruit is a fruit farm located at the foot of Mount Waterfall and Ontongskop in the Tulbagh area of the Western Cape in South Africa. The Jordaan family have been growing fruit and producing dried fruit and dried fruit products since the 1950's. Read more about the Jordaan family farm.




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